2019 Third Al-Sadiq International Conference on Multidisciplinary in IT and Communication Science and Applications

The evolution of the IT and Communication Technologies and Applications in the last few years has been characterized by dramatic changes to the way users behave, interact and utilize the different networks. The rapid introduction of new categories of applications such as network games and peer-to-peer, the increasing presence of malicious traffic, and the widespread use of Information Security techniques, make the measurement, analysis and classification of IT and Communication applications challenging tasks. The research community and many network operators are responding to these challenges by designing and deploying different solutions, and new applications with increased complexity. Such activities are pivotal for researchers, developers, service managers and providers, as well as for end users involved in the evolution of the IT and Communication networks. This Conference is intended to serve as a forum for scientists and engineers in academia and industry to exchange and discuss their experiences and research results about all aspects of Multidisciplinary Prospective in Science and Applications of IT and Communication Science and techniques.
The main Topics that the conference concentrate on, are the followings:
1. The Role of Soft Computing Techniques in any Engineering Applications.
2. The Role of Applied Mathematics in any Engineering Applications.
3. The Role of Digital Signal Processing in any Engineering Applications.
4. The Role of Simulation Tools in any Engineering Applications.
5. The Role of Multidisciplinary Prospective ( Interdisciplinary, Trans disciplinary, and Cross disciplinary ) in any Engineering Applications.
6. The Role of Nano-Scale Technologies ( Nano-materials) in any Engineering Applications.
7. The Expert system (ES), geographic information system (GIS), decision support system (DSS), and their applications in landfill design and management in any Engineering Applications.
8. The Role of Modeling Techniques used to Enhance the Applications facilities in any Engineering Applications.
9. Orthogonal Transformation and their Role to enhance the Applications of any Engineering field.